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The Chinese Martial Arts Center opened in Middletown, DE in 2002 and has been the premiere school for the study of Kung Fu and T'ai Chi in the Tri-state area.

The instructors at the Chinese Martial Arts Center are dedicated to providing the best classes available.  Our programs include the following:

*  Traditional and modern Kung Fu classes

*  Traditional Wing Chun classes

*  Relaxing and therapeutic T'ai Chi classes

*  Fun & Exciting Kid's classes

*  Challenging kick-boxing aerobic classes

*  Stretching, sparring and other classes for adults



Sifu Dale McDine

Master Instructor of All Programs

Sifu Dale McDine started his martial arts training at 14 years old, and has trained under numerous Kung-Fu masters over the years. He has dedicated over 28 years to training in the many different empty hand and weapon styles of the Chinese Martial Arts. He specializes in various techniques and Kung Fu styles, such as:

Praying Mantis Kung Fu Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Northern Kung Fu Modern Chang Chuan
Modern Nan Chuan Chinese Weaponry
Contemporary Wushu Chin Na (Joint Locks)
Iron Palm Qi Gong
In October 2008, Sifu Dale was accepted as a Disciple under Grandmaster Sun De Yao learning the Tai Chi Mei Hwa Praying Mantis System.  Read More >>>


Sihing Ben Schofield

Sifu Ben Schofield

Ben Schofield began his Kung-fu training in September of 2000 at the Shaolin Wushu Kung-Fu Institute. There he met Master Dale McDine who was the head of the Adult and Kids Kung Fu Programs.

During his first three years of training, his main focus was on Long Fist, Modern Wushu and acrobatics. He loved the physical and mental challenge that Kung-fu provided, and spent all of his available time training at the school.

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Sifu Evita Guajardo

Sifu Evita's interest in the Martial Arts started when she was eight years old when she began training training with her father, Carlos Guajardo, under Master Lonnie Fleming ...

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